15 Years of Experience as a Content Marketer and Trainer

Hi, I’m Lilly. It’s a pleasure to meet you.

Thank you for your interest in me and my content marketing training program.

Before I became a content marketing trainer, I worked for 15 years as content marketing head in marketing agencies. I developed demand generation campaigns and go-to-market strategies for hundreds of clients in diverse industries. I consistently drove the team’s performance through a series of training programs.

Now as a content marketing trainer, I conduct classroom sessions in Bangalore for aspiring content marketers.

I have a BBA degree from the University of Madras. I also have certifications in marketing management and business communications. The real world experience of 15 years is my best teacher.

I have a passion for continuous improvement of skills. I sharpen them by keeping myself updated. When you enroll yourself in my content marketing training program, you gain the benefit of my experience, business acumen, and current training programs.

Please contact me for your content marketing training needs.