How you can make money from home with content marketing

Do you want to make a decent income from home? Acquiring content marketing skills and using it can open doors.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is the process of providing truly relevant and useful content to consumers to help them solve their problems.

How does content marketing help you make money from home?

You will need to write some useful content regularly. You will also need to publish and market it to your target audience.

Any skill you possess is useful to millions of people. There are people out there who love to learn it from a person who is good at it.

Choose the best skill you have as your niche for writing and start writing useful content targeting consumers who want to learn that skill.

Content WritingWhen you give away useful content free, you establish yourself as an authority in your field.

Use the reputation to provide a paid service or product in the same field. The content you create should solve the same problems your paid services provide.

Teach it by way of text and videos.  You might even publish an e-book for free. It will establish you as a trusted authority. Market them well online and offline. It gets you started on your path to making an income from home.

Read the section How to monetize your content in the later part of this article.

Many people take a lot of time overthinking about the niche they want to teach. While planning is good, overthinking is not. It can only waste your precious time. The sooner you start, the faster results you get.

How can you boost your writing confidence?

You may feel as most do – “I have never written an e-book or created training modules before. Writing just isn’t my thing.  I am not good at writing.”

I felt the same when I first started content writing. Every writer faces something that’s called a writer’s block. You genuinely want to express your thoughts well. But, you can’t find right words when you are sitting in front of the keyboard.

Don’t let these temporary blocks discourage you. Here are some tips to boost your confidence:

  • Be persistent. Persistence brings results.
  • The more you write, the better writer you become.  Practice is the best teacher.
  • Writing a topic you know well is easy. Write as you speak. Try it out. Don’t give up.
  • Read other writers discussing their writing projects
  • Keep learning your craft. Develop your dialogue skills and multiple points of view work.
  • Put off your inner critic temporarily

Writing your first few content pieces will be tough. But, you will be well on high gear writing quality material soon.

Start writing and you will soon gain experience.

How to publish what you write

Publishing your writing is simple. There are platforms such as WordPress with self-guides to create a website or a blog. Use these guides to create yours. Start publishing your content on it.

If you need additional guidance creating your website or blog, take the help of professionals.

How to market your valuable content

Content distribution is the key to ensuring audience reach. Be sure to market each piece of content you create. You can’t create valuable content and just wait for consumers to visit your website or blog.

Find the right distribution channels, distribute your content in a relevant format to fit into the distribution channel.

Find audience

Your consumers will be in niche communities on social media platforms and forums.

Repurpose content

Repurpose your content to fit into the distribution channels such as an infographic, video, slides, and other forms.


Write interesting short snippets proactively inviting consumers to your blog or website. Post them in niche social media groups where your consumers are.

With time, build an email list of your content consumers. Invite them to sign up for more valuable content. Start sending each piece of content to your subscribers.

How to monetize your content

There are many ways to monetize your content. You will learn most of them when you start content marketing. They are all closely linked to each other. When you start one, you will discover newer ways to monetize your content.

For beginners with less than 1000 visitors a day, the following monetization techniques work.

Provide one to one coaching sessions

Becoming a coach is the shortest way to earning a decent income within the shortest period. Use your blog as a platform to create awareness about your coaching program and nurture a loyal audience.

Create useful blog posts on subjects that matter to your target audience.  If your content is highly valuable, your audience will trust you and sign up for your coaching services.

I was working as a full-time as a content marketing head in marketing agencies for 15 years. Soon after quitting the job, I started this blog and coaching writers in Bangalore. The one-to-one intense training sessions I conduct is helping my students get employed or make money from home. I create the content for my coaching sessions and blog from home. You too can do the same in the niche you are skillful.

Create and sell online courses

Creating and selling courses is one of the best ways to earn money from home. People love buying online courses. Online course market is evolving on a daily basis. Due to demand, sites like Udemy, Teachable, and Course Merchant have become popular among instructors. You can sell your courses using these sites.

Beyond using third-party course selling sites, you can sell your online courses on your blog.

Write and earn income from Kindle books

You are aware that Amazon is a trusted online shopping site. You can create e-books and sell them on Amazon’s Kindle platform. There are already millions of people who buy e-books from Amazon. If your content is highly valuable, your e-books will earn you a decent income.

However, to make a living from Kindle Books, you need to work very hard to keep adding new books regularly. The more books you publish, the more money you make. It takes time and effort initially. But with persistence, you can start making an automated passive income from Amazon Kindle e-books.

There is so much you can do to use your time wisely. Every minute lost is value lost. Use your time to start writing small books. They will pay for your time and efforts.

Become an in-demand freelance blogger

Companies are desperately looking for good content marketers.  If you can write well, you can offer to write blogs that spur the interest of their target audience. It takes a little time to understand the audience of your clients and start writing. But it is worth writing blog posts for brands from home. It pays well.

Initially, you’ll have to market your blog writing services well by writing blog posts for your blog, guest blog posts on other high-traffic blogs, and social media marketing. With time, you will gain popularity as a freelance blogger and your happy clients will refer more clients to you.

You might think that creating so much content is hard work.

When you gain speed and mastery with content writing, you will enjoy writing. “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life,” You will soon start loving content creation, and you will never again feel it is hard work. It soon becomes your passion.

As the traffic increases, you can add more monetization techniques. Follow my blog to read my future articles on content monetization.


Content writing and marketing is a skill that will help you make money selling your products and services from anywhere, anytime.

Also, Good content marketers are in high demand in job markets. Beyond working from home, acquiring content marketing skills can help you find a job in marketing and advertising agencies and big corporations.

That said, be persistent, be consistent. Success comes with hard work.

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