Grow your Business with content marketing

Content Marketing

The right content generates more leads. Content converts prospects into customers. It builds brands with its staying power. It pays for itself in increased sales.

Many Companies do not follow a content marketing strategy and plan. They publish content at random hoping for results. Unfortunately, most of such efforts fail.

On the other hand, those who strategize and execute content marketing well see a steady growth in business.

The following steps will help you strategize your content marketing to grow your business.

Steps to Content Marketing

Step 1: Content strategy – Content strategy includes planning, development, and management of content. Content strategy helps businesses create a cohesive brand conversation.

Step 2: Content plan – A content plan documents how you are going to execute the content strategy. It also assigns tasks to individuals in the team.

It includes details such as :

  • the buyer personas you will write for
  • the topics for different stages of the buying cycle
  • what content you will produce
  • how you will share the content
  • specific call to actions you will use for each topic

Step 3: Content production – Content production is the process of developing and creating visual or written assets. The content strategy and content plan give content producers a direction to content creation.

Step 4: Content editing – Content editing in content marketing is more than correcting grammatical errors. Content marketing editor ensures that the copy is persuasive.

Step 5: Content distribution – The content strategy directs the content distributors to the distribution channels – The platforms you will use to tell your story, your objectives, criteria, and processes for each channel.

 Contact Lilly, Content Strategist and Writer

After reading this summary of how to craft effective content marketing strategy, you may be excited to get started.  I hope I’ve given you some useful tips.

However, if strategizing content marketing isn’t the best use of your time, or if you’d prefer to hire an experienced professional who knows how to get results from content marketing, I hope you’ll contact me. I look forward to getting to know you and your business. Together we’ll craft winning content marketing strategy.

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