How to write high converting content for your website

Many entrepreneurs invest in a website. But, they don’t see any benefits from the investment. It gets hidden in the search engines. It no longer is a profitable business asset.

However, your website conversions can soar with high impact killer content. Here are some tested and proven tips to create such content:

Write with customers in mind

Customer centricity is the key to writing high impact web copy. The best websites provide information that visitors seek in the most appealing, and organized manner. They let the customers build trust in your business.

Organize the information

Make it easy for the visitors to navigate your website. Arrange the pages into logically named categories. Use simple words in your menu.

Write as you speak

Don’t write to impress people about your language efficiency. You are not writing an essay or a term paper. Write as you speak. Avoid corporate-speak.

Avoid Clichés and industry jargons

Clichés increase the size of your sentences. Don’t use slang. Use short, simple sentences.

Provide details and answers

Visitors come to the site to seek information. They want questions answered before making a purchase decision. If your website fails to provide the needed information, they will leave your site.

Be transparent, and honest

Honesty is for a long haul. Present facts and be transparent. Your visitors want facts so they can make informed decisions.

Summarize the benefits on your home page

Studies show that the home page is the most common entrance to the website. Give an overview of how your content, products or services benefit the visitor. If you fail to do so, the visitor will leave the site without navigating to other pages.

Create exclusive landing pages for each topic

While your home page provides a summary, create specific landing pages for specific topics. Those searching the internet for that topic may land on your landing page.

Use real pictures that help you tell the story

Real pictures are more impactful than stock photography. They build trust by showing who they are buying from and what they are buying.

Build credibility

Testimonials, case studies, awards, accolades, references, achievements, portfolio, and history prove to the visitor why you are uniquely qualified to provide your products or services. Third party endorsements carry a higher weight than self-endorsement. People buy from companies they trust.

Keep your website updated

Maintaining your website up to date is crucial to conversions. Keep adding fresh content. Remove obsolete information regularly.

Keep the contact mechanism as simple

It is advisable to have your contact details in the header or footer of the site so that the visitor can find you easily, or have it on multiple pages. Visitors may not search your contact details if they are not easily findable.

Keep your form simple

If you choose to include a form such as a newsletter subscription page, contact or quote page, be informed that visitors hate completing long forms.

Include calls to action

Show your visitors the path to purchase through a compelling call to action on nearly every page. It is crucial to guide the visitor to take action.

Proofread, Edit

Before publishing your content, proofread and edit your content thoroughly. If possible, hire a professional to proofread, review and edit your copy. Typos and grammar errors can irritate visitors and have them leave the site without taking action.

keep your customers first and see your conversions soaring.
Customer centricity is the key to website results.

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